The Fitness Rooms at The White Hart Hotel is a concept developed by Stephen Bannister, with an aim to owning his own gym as part of his company, Conditioned Training. Conditioned Training has been running since 2010 offering innovative, professional and cutting edge fitness works to individuals who either find it hard to start training or people who want to enhance their athletic performance. Conditioned Training has seen a rapid growth in its local client base and therefore Stephen developed the concept of owning his own space and equipment to provide an environment where his clients feel motivated to achieve their goals. Stephen has sourced four further personal training companies to utilise the space offering further dynamic approaches to personal training. The five separate companies will base themselves at The Fitness Rooms offering innovative and cutting edge training for anyone looking to reach a new focus in life or pursue new health benefits.

Due to the variety of personal training companies and their own specialist means of fitness delivery, a diverse range of training methods will be available and the facilities are more than able to cater for any level of required training. The Fitness Rooms will offer aesthetic, vibrant decor with a specialist selection of training equipment to meet every individuals needs. The atmosphere within The Fitness Rooms will enable a new client of one of the five personal trainers’ to experience high class training whilst being fun and social.

The space was officially open on the 1st of June 2011 for the Personal Trainers to utilise along with their clients.

Please feel free to get in touch to see what The Fitness Rooms can do for you so you can become part of this new venture into the fitness world,

Many Thanks,

The Fitness Rooms.

The Fitness Rooms

The Fitness Rooms at The White Hart opened on the 1st June. The Private, Personal Gym is used by some of the top Personal Trainers in Harrogate, each with their own special techniques and fitness schemes, have a look at their profiles, the space itself and check back regularly to keep up with our latest news.

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The Fitness Rooms

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  • Conditioned Training Conditioned Training is run by Stephen Bannister and promotes training for Speed, Strength, Power & Agility through professional, focused sessions.